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Me and Bruce zine bundle


All issues of my Me and Bruce zines plus 2 prints and a postcard set in a special priced bundle.
(Please note that Me and Bruce #3 is no longer in print and isn't included in this bundle. All zines, prints, and postcards are also available to purchase individually from my zine shop)

Me and Bruce #1
The first issue in a zine series of unrequited love and being a dork. This diy comic documents my obsession with Bruce Springsteen throughout my life and tries to explain my love for a white heterosexual male stadium rocker from a diy queer feminist perspective. Fandom is problematic, but my love for Bruce is true.

Me and Bruce #2
The 2nd issue in the Me and Bruce zine series. Me and Bruce (and my Dad) #2 looks at justifying how a queer feminist working class girl can identify with Bruce Springsteen by accidentally appropriating all his lyrics to be about my dad and growing up working class.

Me and Bruce #4: Queers on the edge of town
This issue is a queer look at Springsteen exploring Springsteen as the butch lesbian of my dreams, Springsteen songs and small town queer lonliness, Springsteen songs as the soundtrack to my teenage queer breakups, and most importantly the history of Bruce and Clarence making out on stage.

Also includes
Springsteen postcard pack and 2 Springsteen colour digital prints.