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Me and Bruce #4: Queers on the Edge of Town


Queers on the Edge of Town is the latest installment of my Me and Bruce zine series, chronicling my long life obsession with Bruce Springsteen.

Queers on the Edge of Town is a queer look at Springsteen, describing how weird it can be breaking out of the queer bubble to attend a Springsteen show as well as exploring gay teenage loneliness through Springsteen lyrics. The zine also imagines Bruce as the hot butch girl of my dreams, but most importantly it documents the history of Bruce and Clarence Clemons making out.

The zine includes a 6 page comic set to the lyrics of Backstreets, my most emo queer heartbreak anthem.

**Special edition with a 4 postcard set and a pull-out poster of Bruce and Clarence making out is currently sold out **