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Me and Bruce zine bundle!


All three issues of my Me and Bruce zines in a special priced bundle

Me and Bruce #1
The first issue in a zine series of unrequited love and being a dork. This diy comic documents my obsession with Bruce Springsteen throughout my life and tries to explain my love for a white heterosexual male stadium rocker from a diy queer feminist perspective. Fandom is problematic, but my love for Bruce is true.

Me and Bruce #2
The 2nd issue in the Me and Bruce zine series. Me and Bruce (and my Dad) #2 looks at justifying how a queer feminist working class girl can identify with Bruce Springsteen by accidentally appropriating all his lyrics to be about my dad and growing up working class.

Me and Bruce #3
The third installment of the Me and Bruce zine series sees my favourite 2 Bruces brought together - Springsteen and Batman. This standalone mini zine feature a selection of my favourite Batman panels set to some of my favourite Bruce lyrics.